Welcome to the CLIFF User Guide

The User Guide provides detailed instructions for using CLIFF. If this is your first time using CLIFF we suggest you read the Getting Started section which provides an overview of CLIFF and detailed instructions for logging in to the system. If you have used CLIFF before you may want to look at what's new to direct you to the new features and changes.

What's New in 5.4


  • Address Lookup If the company address template does not include an author name, the name, phone, fax, and email as already entered in the Log will be retained. This allows the use of generic business templates.
  • Set Popup Window Size. CLIFF automatically tries to calculate the size of a popup window based on data content.
    The calculated size is not always ideal and may now be fixed in the Log Fields Configuration.
  • Improved support of new browsers. CLIFF is now supported on Internet Explorer 8 and 9.
  • Form customization options expanded. Custom forms may now include multiple-selection in pop-up fields, multiple address-lookup capability, address lookup for additional authors, and additional fields.
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